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I am proficient in all formats & processes of Photography, Cinematography, and Videography. I have 29 Years work experience in Professional Photography, TV, Film, and Web creation.

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Education / Experience:

I hold a Degree in Writing, through the English Department of Texas Tech University, and a Minor: Telecommunications (Production) with heavy emphasis on Physics and Music Composition.
My studies in photography started in high school and eventually I studied Optics, Astronomy and Photography thru My University’s Mass Comm., Physics, and Art Departments.
Since I had already worked at Mtv Networks in NYC and on a location Feature Film in Indiana, I decided to concentrate on Writing Studies as a Major. I also worked as a cinematographer, gaffer, and grip in Texas while still in school. 

My Senior Project was to Write & Produce a set of three bi-lingual commercials for the Second Harvest Food Bank.  I raised $10,000 for my budget and the commercials played regionally for 12 years.

I moved to Los Angeles after graduation in 1991 and eventually joined the IATSE Local 600.  I have taken every possible opportunity to expand my craft through more education, special projects, post graduate studies, and of course lots and lots of shooting.

As I continued to shoot, I also Assisted other Cameramen, bringing all their knowledge and tricks in to my toolbox.  The 17 years I assisted proved to be the key to my ease and confidence on the set as a Director of Photography.

I have, additionally, worked in Media Training for 6 years .
I was also a Surgical “Technical Director” for 6 years.

I pride myself on my efficient, knowledgeable, and creative use of my Cine Tools, Crew, Equipment, and medium.

Feel free to contact me regarding questions about your production.

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